Recently, most LoL heroes have received skins. Who wasn’t so lucky?

Which characters are still waiting for a skin, and does it depend on the region they come from?

Some time ago, Riot announced that it will be looking at niche characters and make sure that the skins that are coming out are varied – for both top champions and those with a much smaller number of players.

The fact that the devs kept their word was evident after a few months – Riot closed down the 1000 days club for a while and released skins to those characters who waited for them for several years.

Champions without a new skin

One of the players decided to summarize who has not recently received a skin. It turns out that the list of champions without a skin is not that long.

Siege5548 wrote:

I recently was wondering what skins were potentially coming up for the rest of the year. I realized that there were 59 champions left without skins in 2021 (as of today’s date).

The author of the post made a list of the heroes without skins and sorted them according to the region they came from. It is worth noting that he assigned NPCs as “Runeterra”.

It looks like Runeterra and Zaun need some love, but their are some pretty good options there to choose from. I think there are roughly 40 more skins planned for the rest of year, so I’m sure some champions won’t be getting anything new. I’ve also highlighted those who haven’t gotten a new skin/update within the last year.

As you can see, the disproportion between some regions is quite large – for example, in the case of Demacia, only one character did not receive a skin. However, when it comes to the inhabitants of Zaun – as many as 9. It should not be forgotten that some regions are much more developed. Many champions come from Ionia, but Ixtal is a relatively new location.

Region Champions
Runeterra Aatrox, Bard, Brand, FiddlesticksKindred, Nami, NocturneRyzeZilean
Zaun Dr Mundo, Ekko, Janna, Jinx, Singed, Urgot, Viktor, Zac, Ziggs
Ionia Ivern, Lee Sin, Master Yi, Rakan, Shen, Yasuo
Freljord Gnar, Lissandra, Ornn, Trundle, Udyr, Volibear
Piltover Ezreal, Heimerdinger, Jayce, Orianna, Vi
Shurima Amumu, Azir, Sivir, Skarner, Taliyah
Targon Aurelion Sol, Soraka, TaricZoe
The Void Kai’Sa, Kassadin, Kha’Zix, Rek’Sai
Noxus Vladimir, Katarina, Rell
Bilgewater Fizz, Gangplank, Illaoi
Shadow Isles Elise, Hecarim
Bandle City Teemo
Demacia Poppy
Ixtal Qiyana

Players have spoken about which skins they would like to see later this year. According to many, a good solution would be to publish a skin with more serious topics for Zilean. Since 2015 (the release date of Blood Moon Zilean), the hero has received only one skin, which is kept on a less serious topic.

One of the commenters noted that Ivern is a great material for skins, which has 10 interesting fan concepts. Some also argued that Rell should get a proper skin, because her first (and only) skin is, according to many, simply bad.