An interesting alternative to Zac, AP Bruiser in LoL’s top lane, blowing up his opponents

Zac played top lane with massive damage.

League of Legends players often create their own alternatives to play with the champions. Some time ago we could see Soraka and Janna on TOP or Syndra as ADC. Now Zac is gaining popularity with really massive damage.

The way to play him, a build, and a set of runes were described by one of Reddit users. He also included a small guide and some interesting actions showing how strong this hero is.

AP bomb Zac

Nothing is more fun for players than the ability to deal massive damage in a short space of time by champions you wouldn’t expect. Therefore, an alternative to TOP was created, which is doing great.

He is especially effective against tanks and bruisers due to its massive “W” damage, the cooldown of which decreases when picking up fragments from the passive.

What runes does Redditor SweatyGPmain recommend? Conqueror and Sorcery:

As for the build, we start with Doran’s Shield. In the early game, Zac is really weak and takes some time to get stronger. Our main items will be Riftmaker and Cosmic Drive, to raise the passive faster, the rest depends on the opponents.

Here’s what the gameplay showed by the author of the Reddit post:


Remember, however, that before you start your adventure with AP Zac in the ranked queue, it is worth playing a few normals.