Artificial intelligence generated the faces of League of Legends heroes. Some of them may scare you

One of the players did an interesting experiment. How did AI deal with generating portraits of characters known from League of Legends?

It is widely known that today’s programs can generate the appearance of people quite well, both existing and imaginary. Probably some people have come across any applications that, based on photos or descriptions, created the possible appearance of offspring, ancestors or generated an artificial persona that someone could use what their alter ego.

One of the players decided to do an experiment and provided AI with descriptions of champions from the game from Riot Games. The results may surprise you.

Generated portraits of LoL champions

A player with the nickname Lots_of_Loto came to a certain page, which creates a portrait of a given person based on the description of the appearance. You can generate there both quite ordinary looks, but also variations based on glowing eyes, strange skin colors, and so on.

Wydawać by się mogło, że taka strona świetnie nadaje się do odtworzenia bohaterów LoLa, również tych, którzy są potworami czy Yordlami, jako ludzi. Jednak wynik niektórych opisów potrafi nieźle zaskoczyć.

The player has published a graphic that depicts each of the more than 150 existing characters. You will quickly notice that some porters are easy to recognize, even if the facial features differ in some way. The more you delve into the generated faces, the more disturbing it gets. Many of them look dark and some look like characters taken from a horror movie. Some commentators wrote that the human form of Cho’Gath, Fiddlesticks, or Veigar really scares them.

It is worth noting that some interpretations of the descriptions not only changed the age of the character, but also their gender or skin color. Artificial intelligence decided that, for example, Vayne, Poppy or Sivir are men, and Tristana is an elderly woman.

Anyone who wants to try this type of generators can use, for example, the website, which was used by the author of the idea.