Why is it always worth finishing LoL games as quickly as possible? Here is a great example

The reason why you should always attack the Nexus.

In League of Legends, the most important element on the map is the Nexus. Destroying it ends the game, but often players, seeing no chance of winning by their opponents, often decide to make a few mocking gestures.

However, sometimes it can bring an unexpected comeback and may end in our failure. A Reddit user showed why it’s always worth damaging the Nexus.

Attacking the Nexus

Comeback in LoL is nothing strange, especially when the team is scaling and the opponents make a lot of mistakes. This mainly happens in low divisions, and it is there that players most often make fun of their opponents and ultimately lose.


As we can see, only Swain was aware of the seriousness of the situation, and after a while, he tried to quit the game. However, standing under the fountain, Mordekaiser was sure he would win and allowed his opponents to eliminate him.

Despite having the Elder Drake, they were annihilated at the enemy respawn, and fast teleports and a large wave of minions allowed the Blue team to destroy the Nexus. This shows how easy it is to fail at times if we underestimate our enemies.