Another hero has just joined the club of 1000 days without a skin in LoL. Who is the 3rd member?

Another character has joined the well-known club, Zilean hasn’t received a skin in 1000 days.

Riot Games is trying to release new content for forgotten characters. In fact, this can be seen and many characters have received cosmetic additions. However, this does not mean that the 1000 days club has become forgotten.

There are still 3 champions in it, including one new one – Zilean. Of course, this is not his first stay in the club and it is not clear how long he will stay there.

Zilean and the 1000 Days Club

League of Legends players are probably very familiar with two clubs. One of them has a rule of not talking about it, and the other takes in forgotten characters. This time it has been joined by a well-known character – Zilean. He is so special that his last skin was from the winter 2019 Sugar Rush series. A lot has changed in the LoL world since then, but not the content that this champion.

Mundo remains the leader of this club, but fortunately for him, he received a full rework a year ago, including a change of all skins. Likewise with Udyr, who dropped in a new version on the official servers a few weeks ago.

Perhaps Riot Games will release a new skin for it later this year. There is still some time left, and perhaps the developers will surprise players. His mains would certainly be happy with a 7th skin. At the moment they can only enjoy 6 skins, 2 of which are classic and cannot be unlocked for RP.