A new refund token has appeared on the accounts of LoL players. What content is returnable?

League of Legends players have received another token that allows them to refund the purchased content.

You can purchase a lot of interesting content from Riot Games in the game. There are hundreds of different skins, emotes, icons, chromas, and more in the store. New skins and event items are added regularly.

Unfortunately, cosmetic additives cannot be tested on your own account before deciding to buy them. Gamers have to be content with internet presentations, which do not always meet their expectations. Then it remains to buy the item and see if it was really worth the price. But what happens when you don’t like it?

This is where refund tokens come in handy, with which you can return the purchased content. The player will then get a refund of the RP spent. Each account has 3 of these tokens, and from time to time Riot will give out one to those who do not have the maximum number of them. It happened this time as well.

New LoL content refund token

One of the players from the EUNE server reported that a new refund token has appeared in his account. This means Riot is giving the community an extra token again.

From the comments under the post, it appears that not everyone received the token, so it is possible that different servers will receive it at slightly different times.

To see how many Refund Tokens are in your account, simply go to the in-game store and then click the icon in the top right corner labeled “Account”. After selecting the “purchase history” option, a list of purchased cosmetic accessories and the number of available return tokens will appear.

What is the League of Legends refund policy?

  • Only purchases made within the last 90 days can be refunded.
  • You will be refunded the full amount in the currency used to make the purchase. For example, if you buy a champion on sale with RP, you’ll receive the same amount in RP, even if it’s no longer on sale.
  • Most unused content can be refunded within 7 days of purchase without using a token.

Returnable Items List:

  • Champions,
  • Skins,
  • Ward skins,
  • Individual Chromas,
  • Emotes,
  • Rune pages,
  • Summoner name changes,
  • Summoner icons
  • Chromas Packs.

What can not be returned?

  • Power ups,
  • Account transfers,
  • Sets,
  • Promotional items,
  • Esports summoner icons,
  • Gifts,
  • Hextech inventory (keys, chests, shards, etc.),
  • Event passes.