Tahm Kench recall, on which he eats a burger. Riot has an idea they can use

Return to base animations aren’t particularly important, but they are indeed a part of LoL.

Return animations often are something extra when it comes to skins. Riot likes to play with them, and it looks like the community does too. An interesting concept has appeared on the web that shows an animation of Tahm Kench.

The effort of a Reddit user with the nickname “CoolBoarders4” was really appreciated. Gamers comment that it looks just like those older animations that many people miss.

Animation proposal for Tahm Kench

The character in the animation tries to eat a burger. Once he succeeds, he simply disappears, returning at the same moment to the base.


Something like this would definitely be a nice addition to some Tahm Kench skin. Riot has used community ideas often and willingly in the past, so maybe it will be the same this time.