Will the Chemtech drake in LoL be nerfed? Riot replies, showing what it looks like today

The creators announce the nerf of the new dragon in LoL.

As always, in the preseason, the creators of League of Legends introduced a few novelties to the game. In addition to new items and rune changes, two new dragons have also been added to the map.

One of them seems to be well-balanced and players have no objections to it. The second, however, does not have such a reputation, and his soul is considered a key factor needed to win.

Riot confirms drake nerfs

In preseason 2022, some controversial changes were made to LoL, such as these Lethal Tempo runes, or new items that completely changed the style of play with a lot of heroes. However, in the opinion of many players, the Chemtech Dragon is the worst, giving an improved Sion’s passive.

The team that has the dragon soul is able to fight after death for a few seconds with all of their abilities (including ultimates) and Summoner Spells. According to, the team getting this soul wins 90% of the matches.

So what does Riot say? Currently, the developers claim that they are monitoring their impact on the game and they knew from the beginning that it would be a very controversial addition.

“We’re still actively monitoring the Chemtech Drake’s terrain and Dragon Soul. Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’ve planned a small change for patch 12.1 to add a few Scryer’s Blooms in places that should improve the defending team’s experience in their own jungle. We knew that the Chemtech Dragon will be a spicyaddition, and we will keep an eye on it.”

This is to change with the first update of the new season, patch 12.1. The improvements will include, among others, invisibility in the clouds and the addition of a few new “Scryer’s Blooms” to the map, i.e. flowers revealing a fragment of the map. Will it help? We will find out about it soon.