It was supposed to be an easy kill, but something went wrong. Spectacular action in League of Legends

A video has appeared on the web that features a surprising action on bot lane.

There are a lot of League of Legends videos on the internet every day. The community boasts of spectacular actions, getting pentakills, defeating a group of opponents solo, or just a funny play where the Baron was accidentally stolen or somebody did something stupid, which ultimately turned out to be a great decision.

It also happens that the recordings uploaded by the players are simply surprising and the viewers are shocked that the whole action ended the way you see in the video.

Surely most people associate these types of clips when someone on the leftover HP turns the fate of the fight upside down. This time it was similar. What exactly happened?

Failed gank – what went wrong?

A player with the nickname 100tinka posted a video from League of Legends. It shows Mordekaiser from the red team trying to destroy the tower on bot lane. Two players from the opposite team – Ezreal and Thresh – are heading towards him. The players clearly feel confident as they are outnumbering the opponent and will be fighting next to their tower.

Thresh hits his opponent through the wall and pulls. Immediately after that, he uses his ultimate. Ezreal helps him in hitting the enemy. Mordekaiser’s health drops quickly and is almost dying, but at the last moment, he manages to use Zhonya.

What happens next will surprise everyone.


Commentators praised Mordekaiser for keeping his cool and defeating his opponents. Many players would probably panic in such a situation. Others pointed out numerous mistakes of blue team members.

There were also opinions that the Mordekaiser is unbalanced and simply OP.

I can see Morde doing this in almost every game he appears in.

Oh, in my imagination I can see the ping spam all over the place.

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