Should players deliberately trolling in rankeds in LoL be banned from playing them for life?

Should trolls forfeiting rankeds be banned from playing this queue?

League of Legends players are fed up with trolls losing LP matches on purpose. They believe they should be banned from playing ranked queues for life.

Therefore, they come up with a new system of punishing such individuals and advise Riot what to do with them. Is it really a good method?

Trolls with a ban on playing ranked games

Another thread of a frustrated player appeared on Reddit that another troll in League of Legends had deliberately lost his match. This time the support did not like the ADC’s style of play, so already in the 5th minute, he went to the base and did not leave it until the end of the match.

This, of course, is not the only such case, in the next game, Amumu quarreled with the team, who stopped playing to win. It is therefore not surprising that the player got on his nerves and came up with his own system to throw out the ranked trolls.

How would it work? If it detects negative behavior, such as leaving on purpose, taking inappropriate characters on a given line, and playing to lose, then it kicks this guy out of ranked queues, and he could only play normals. Is this an ideal solution?

As you know, there are no perfect solutions and there will always be something that will not suit someone. In this case, there may be several such factors. The first is the permanent exclusion from the ranked queue. Currently, if someone trolls deliberately, we can report them, and if it really is the case, their account will be blocked. In practice, it is different and often one has to troll in dozens of matches before the ban. The new punishment would probably not change anything and the players would still get away with many of such situations.

Additionally, shifting the troll problem to normals is also not moral. Players who do not care about ranks should also enjoy the gameplay without trolls. The new system could reduce the frequency of this behavior on rankeds, but it is the “4fun” community that would suffer.

That’s not all. The second issue is the permanent blocking off of rankeds. Why punish players in this way and force them to only play normals or ARAMs instead of simply blocking their accounts?