Does Arcane still make a big difference to the League of Legends’ meta? It has changed a bit

The LoL community wonders if the animated series still has an impact on the popularity of certain heroes.

November 2021 was the month that belonged to the animated series from the LoL universe – Arcane. Virtually everyone talked about this title. Riot’s production conquered various rankings, climbed to first place not only on Twitch but also reached first place in several dozen countries on the Netflix platform.

The show’s success was so huge that it’s no wonder that it made a quick impact on the meta in League of Legends. Players began to notice a significant increase in the popularity of some heroes. In some cases, the pick rate jump was 3 times, which, it must be admitted, is quite an achievement.

Today, it has been a while since the premiere of Arcane, and although it is difficult to say that the community has completely forgotten about the series, many people do not think about it the way they did, for example, 3 weeks ago. Does the popularity of on-screen characters still persist? Or maybe they gave way to other champions?

The popularity of the Arcane heroes

As mentioned above, in November, the influence of the Arcane heroes on the LoL meta was huge. Unfortunately, not all characters managed to stay at the top of the rankings, be it in terms of pick rate or win rate.

A summary of last patch 11.23 has been posted on the statistics page. Many fans started looking for characters from the Arcane series there. Did they find them?

Starting with unranked, you can see several characters from the show appear in the stats. Jinx came in first on three occasions. Behind her are Caitlyn and slightly below Vi and Warwick.

All ranked again feature Caitlyn (this time taking first place), Jinx, and Vi. Unfortunately, Warwick fell out of the pot. Singed appears in one of the statistics, although it is not a positive category – the average number of deaths.

The highest ranks (Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger) show Jinx, Caitlyn, and, perhaps surprisingly, Viktor and Jayce. While the former can boast a large number of games played, the latter was in the category of the highest number of deaths.

Singed is back in Diamond and Platinum (also in the Average Kills category), and Caitlyn, Jinx, and Viktor are once again seen in the number of games played.

Silver and Gold are Vi’s return, and she’s featured not only in the games played but also in terms of win rate and death rate.

The list is closed with the ranks of Bronze and Iron. You can see that there is not a single Arcane character at the top of the statistics. Caitlyn and Vi have dropped significantly. Vi also appears at the end of the list. Only Singed holds a high position, almost in the first place when it comes to the average number of deaths (although in this case, it can be moderately comforting).