League of Legends ‘Your Shop’ will be back on PBE. Will it return to live servers?

A well-known form of skins store has returned to PBE.

League of Legends’ players love cosmetic accessories. Buying many of them is usually associated with a considerable cost, so any promotions are the perfect solution if you want to buy a lot of new skins without spending a huge amount of RP.

Unfortunately, the weekly promotions are very random and you don’t always get what you’d like. That’s why Riot has created personalized promotions, the well-known ‘Your Shop’.

This is a great opportunity to buy interesting skins at a lower price, which might not unlock under normal conditions. “Your shop” is all the more attractive because the programmed system tries to match skins to the individual needs of the player.

Your Shop in League of Legends

There is information on the Internet that ‘Your shop’ has returned to the test server, which, as always, offers promotions on six random skins.

This may mean that this form of discount will also appear on live servers soon. Unfortunately, it is not known when exactly this will happen, but it can be assumed that the promotion will be available around Christmas.

How exactly does “Your Shop” work?

The Discount Bot uses your game history from the last 6 months to compare you to players of a similar style. On this basis, it creates offers that it thinks will appeal to you. The discount bot takes into account more than the most used champions, so the discounts offered may apply to other champions as well. We hope you will be satisfied with the selection of offers in the store.

Which skins will not be in “Your Shop”?

  • Legendary skins
  • Super skins
  • Heroes and skins released in the latest patches
  • Limited skins
  • Skins exclusive to loot
  • Skins that are on sale during the offer period
  • Skins not sold for RP (bundle only, Victorious, Prestige, etc.)

The discount bot can select skins for champions you already have skins for, especially if they appear frequently in your game history. We hope you will find another skin of interest in the store or one that would not normally be available!