Riot shows what the frames for the division will look like in the new LoL season. What’s the opinion of players?

The appearance of new ranking frames in LoL has been published. What do they look like?

Ranked games are a really important element of the Riot Games title. Many fans cannot imagine LoL without them. The community is climbing the ranking ladder not only to test their skills but also for many interesting rewards.

Among them, there are icons or the Victorious skin, but also the characteristic frames related to the ranking that appear on the game loading screen. These have been present in LoL for a long time and surely everyone knows them very well. Designs have changed a lot over the years as Riot has tested different approaches. What will they look like in the 2022 season?

The look of frames in League of Legends

The images were published by Jordan Checkman, who asked the community for feedback. The developers are very curious to see what fans think of the new design as there can still be minor tweaks such as color change etc.

Many people commented on the above image. Some said that the new design is really good and nothing needs to be changed. Others gave advice on what should be improved.

It looks really good, but for some reason GM stands out more than the Challenger. Maybe you need to add a little more energy to the highest rank?

There are opinions that, for example, Gold is a bit too pale and may be associated with Bronze. According to some, Gold should be much lighter.

I wish Gold was more light: It feels too dark, so it looks like Bronze. The gold colour in Challenger is a nice gold: so it would be nice to see gold more light, in between of Challenger and Gold 🙂

Others argued that the creators could convert Platinum into Emerald known from Wild Rift because they believe that rank is visually more aesthetic.

Can platinum be reworked into emerald, the new rank in Wild Rift? Personally I feel it looks better + fits better with the progression towards diamond since both are gemstones?