And suddenly everything becomes clear. That’s why you had problems with global ults in LoL

Although the bug has been in LoL for 6 years, it has only recently become so irritating.

In League of Legends, from time to time, bugs appear, but they are reported by players and usually disappear quickly. There are also some that keep coming back and need to be removed again.

However, there are also some bugs that, despite constant reporting by players, have never been fixed. This time around, the game doesn’t recognize the Phase Rush for a while after we spawn in the base.

Cooldown is not reduced

Although Riot Games changed the cooldown reduction mechanic in the previous preseason and this was replaced with Phase Rush, the developers did not manage to fix an important bug. Namely, if we respawn on a fountain and immediately click on a given skill, it will jump to 100% cooldown, without taking into account our items, runes, and the like.

Everything is presented in the video below. As we can see, Ezreal’s ult cooldowns for 52 seconds, but after using it immediately, he has to wait 2 minutes for the skill to be reused.


Unfortunately, it is the case for all heroes and it can be a pain if our “R” is global. This means that Karthus spamming R to finish off the opponents will have to wait much longer.

While such bugs do happen, players don’t understand why it hasn’t been fixed for several years, despite having been reported multiple times.

Will Riot finally fix it? This is unknown, but now the topic has become big news and perhaps the creators will not ignore it anymore. Especially since there are really a lot of dissatisfied players.