Rioter announces that Janna’s changes have been postponed from LoL, but promises players more fixes

One of the Rioters informed about the postponement and extension of the scope of work on Janna’s changes.

Relatively recently, players were able to learn about the changes that Janna was supposed to receive. One of the most iconic support heroes from League of Legends will receive relatively large fixes that will definitely affect how the game looks against or with this character in the team.

One of the Rioters shared the information that the heroine’s fixes will hit the live servers a little later, but also says about another important news regarding these changes. What was in the employee’s message?

Janna’s changes postponed

A few days ago, Riot August informed fans that in patch 12.1, the game will include significant changes to Janna – the popular support heroine of League (Janna’s mini-rework will change this character. Riot buffs one of the skills, weakening the others). Most of the character’s abilities have been significantly changed.

Rioter announced that the announced changes will be delivered to the servers in the next update.

Moving these changes to 12.2 to give a bit more time for iteration and feedback. We like the overall direction, but there’s an opportunity to add some QoL upgrades suggested by players and test a few other things that seem compelling.

Will update y’all in Jan!

Update 12.1 will be on the servers on January 5 next year, while the patch in which Janna’s fixes are to be introduced, was announced to arrive on January 20. The fans of the heroine will have to wait a little more than a month, but she will receive a lot of changes which should ultimately be worth the time.