Why do LoL players get 50 gold for destroying the Nexus at the end of the game? What’s the point?

Many people, having played LoL for even a few years, completely ignored the fact that they receive an additional 50 gold for destroying the Nexus.

There are still some quite surprising mechanics in LoL. For example, even after destroying the Nexus, you are able to start voting to surrender. Many players do this at the very end of the game, although most of course just leave.

In addition to /surrender, players can also buy a few more items. Especially since you will get 50 gold for destroying the Nexus.

Why do you get gold for destroying the Nexus?

Players have always laughed that the strategy of buying items after destroying the Nexus has a 100% chance of winning, and in fact it is. Of course, buying an item after the game is over is not difficult, it is enough to have the store open before the final blow.


Why didn’t Riot remove the Nexus gold earning mechanic? It used to be said that this allowed players to determine who ultimately destroyed it. Today, players have no doubt that the Nexus is just programmed the same as the Inhibitors.

In LoL files, the Nexus is simply a large Inhibitor, which means that the rewards for destroying it are the same. There is no hidden message or some kind of easter egg here. Earning 50 gold has no impact on gameplay, so Riot never took an interest in it. The players, on the other hand, did.

Some people knew about this curiosity and it happened that at the end of the match they changed their build to something funny, so that it could be seen in the client’s history of their games. There are also those who sell all items when the Nexus explodes.