A year ago, Riot praised this solution, which was to enter LoL. Now it has been abandoned

One of the Rioters informs that the studio has abandoned work on personalizing the profile.

Some time ago, League of Legends fans could learn about the changes that the developers are planning in terms of player profiles. At the moment, they have relatively few options for expressing themselves and personalizing their card.

Riot presented a completely fresh concept that was really warmly received by fans. One of the developers, however, informed that the idea was given up on. What else did the employee write about this?

What’s next for personalizing the player’s profile and card?

The creators of LoL, presenting their idea to players, said that they want them to be able to show off whatever they want. Every fan of the League should have a goal in the game that they can share with their friends or other players.

We want to recognize your individual achievements and ways of playing, and allow you to show them off in front of other players. So whether you’re showing off your rank, savoring your favorite champion’s skin collection, or boasting how many heroes you’ve achieved mastery level 7 on, we want your playing style to be meaningful and easy to show off to others.

As you can learn from Jordan Checkman – one of Riot’s employees – this topic has been abandoned in favor of another concept that the creators will be working on in the future.

Fans will have nothing to count on in the near future when it comes to changes to the personalization of profiles in League of Legends. Rioter assures, however, that the situation may change over time, and further information will appear in the future.