Should Twisted Treeline come back to LoL? Players are still complaining about Riot’s decision

Even though it’s been more than 2 years now, the community continues to say that the removal of Twisted Treeline was a mistake.

Twisted Treeline was one of the maps available in League of Legends. It was distinguished by the fact that, unlike Summoner’s Rift, players had two lanes and a jungle at their disposal. Teams consisted of three people, and the Dragon/Baron counterpart was Vilemaw. A unique element of the map were altars, which, after claiming them, the player received various bonuses and gold. There were two such places on the map, to the right and left of the jungle.

After some time, Riot announced that with the end of Season 2019, the map will be retired from the servers. According to many players, it was a really bad decision. Today, more than 2 years after the removal of Twisted Treeline, players are asking the developers to consider restoring the aforementioned map.

Should Twisted Treeline be back?

The main reason for removing Twisted Treeline was that the map was not as popular as the others (Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss), while also requiring a lot of work. Riot claimed that patching it was no longer profitable, so it had to join Dominion (this one was also removed due to low popularity).

Many fans of “threes” were outraged by this fact, but there was nothing they could do and with time they had to come to terms with the fact that TT will be forgotten.

The topic of the map has recently come back as one player decided to mention it in a Reddit post. The author of the thread wrote:

Twisted Treeline deserves to still be in League of Legends. Its been a couple of years since Twisted Treeline was removed but really there are so many times where me and two buddies are playing and would much rather go 3v3 than 5v5 with two randoms on our team.

I know it was out of date and unbalanced, but it was a good break from the rift which you can’t always get from a random gamemode or ARAM.

It must be admitted that TT was a good solution for people who liked to play in a smaller group. To this day, quite a few long-term players remember how much fun they had in matches on Twisted Treeline.

Unfortunately, the chance of the map returning is really small. Today it would require a lot of effort because the map has not been refreshed and adapted to the current meta for a long time.

Perhaps Riot will listen to the community over time and create something new that would allow playing with a smaller squad. However, the chances of this are quite small.