There are several suggestions every day for LoL to finally add this skin testing feature

The LoL community complains that there is no form of preview and skin testing in the game client.

Currently, there are over 1,300 different skins in League of Legends. Skins are divided not only into series, but also have different price values, and depending on how expensive a given copy is, it has more effects, additions, and variations.

The creators are trying to make the skins more and more extensive, have better models, textures, and so on. You can see it with the naked eye because skins released a few years ago often differ in quality from those that are released today. A good example is the old legends, which many people today would not even price at 1350 RP because they think they are simply lame.

Despite this, the option to preview the skin via the game client has not appeared for years. Players can only watch splash art and unfortunately, it ends there. Many people are surprised that Riot still hasn’t done anything about it.

No skins preview

The skins in League of Legends are diverse, and it’s fair to say that many of them are simply looking good. Splash art is of course an important element, and the aesthetic graphics attract attention and interest, but as you know, splash is not the most important thing. During the game, you can see your character model and changed skill effects (if the skin offers them). Unfortunately, when you enter the in-game store, you can only see graphics, and not even in full.

One of the players wrote:

Strikes me as hilarious that you can’t even view how a skin looks and feels in practice mode. Speaks to how important places like SkinSpotlights is for actually showing people how skins look when riot doesn’t have the will or want to implement it into the client somehow or… just let people play around it in practice mode so they know it’s the skin for them.

The player noted that there are refunds in the game, but their number is limited, which makes testing skins much more difficult. And as you know – players spend real money on them, so they would like to be sure that they will really like a given skin.

Some people say that testing it live is a completely different experience than watching animations and effects on a YouTube video.

In many other games, you can preview the skin, see its model not only from the front but from any side. Some games offer a brief overview of the skin or let you test it on training tools.

Some people compare LoL to its counterpart for mobile devices. In Wild Rift, the skin model is not hidden, so the player can easily see it.

Fans are surprised that in many respects LoL is extremely limited and if someone wants to learn more about the game, they have to use YouTube videos or fan guides. Riot still hasn’t prepared a solid tutorial for beginners, the rules of the jungle are not explained in any way, the plot of the heroes is very truncated and so on.