A LoL hero getting stronger in mid lane. He is incredibly popular in Korea

Kassadin has recently enjoyed great popularity on the mid lane in LoL.

As in every pre-season in League of Legends, Riot has been a bit of a mess. Once again, the creators changed and added a few items, which makes some heroes really strong.

This time we’re talking about a mid lane ruler who can make a big mess later in the game. What items should we play with using him?

Kassadin on MID

On mid lane in League of Legends, we can actually play everyone. There are tanks as well as bruisers, mages, ADC and even supports. However, Kassadin is now one of the best midlaners alongside with Zed, Vex, and Viktor.

He currently wins over 52% of matches above platinum and is picked almost 9% of the time, which is a really good result. One of the items for which he owes such a high score is the Crown of the Shattered Queen.

Thanks to this item, he is able to survive suddenly walking into a team fight and even escape from it later in the game. So the item eliminates one of Kassadin’s biggest problems, i.e. his vulnerability. His popular Korean main – LunaLina – is building Frozen Heart to further strengthen his defensive stats.

What runes are worth playing? LunaLina uses Conqueror + Resolve the most:

When it comes to build, the main items are the crown and the Frozen Heart. This gives the hero incredible survivability and damage. If you want to start playing this character, you should test it first on normals. Kassadin has his own specific gameplay that has to be learned.