What will tommorow in Fortnite be like? Players are likely to have a content update waiting for them

The content update is expected to appear tomorrow in Fortnite.

The upcoming Fortnite update has been a hot topic of conversation in recent weeks. Mainly because players are still waiting for Update 19.10, which is actually the first big update this season. Unfortunately, it seems that the second scenario from the news from 2 days ago, which assumed the patch was not released until January 18, is true.

According to what was released today, update 19.10 will be released in a week – a few dozen minutes ago it got to the test servers. This means that Epic is getting ready to release it.

What is going to happen tomorrow?

Leakers have been sharing various information on the upcoming content update since the morning, while this most popular version assumes that tomorrow there will be a content update that brings flare gun and weather mechanics to the game.

It is worth noting, however, that the weather, but also the flare, may not come tomorrow, but somewhere in the content update cycle. This information is still not confirmed and should not be considered reliable.

Perhaps Epic wants to keep this major update on 10/19 for the Tilted Towers return, or maybe it’s simply due to the vacation period and plans that players and leakers simply don’t know about.