The third stage of melting snow has already appeared in Fortnite. This is going faster than most might have expected

Leakers report that the snow melts really fast in Fortnite.

No wonder Epic is starting to publish its own Fortnite Map Concepts for Season 19 without snow, as the game features the next stage of snow melting. This one is likely to disappear in the coming weeks.

It is also worth mentioning that another borehole appeared on the island yesterday.

The third stage of snow melting

According to HYPEX, if all goes to plan, the 6th stage of melting should arrive on January 18th.

However, tomorrow there is a content update in Fortnite, possibly adding a flare and possibly weather mechanics. Leakers themselves are giving contradictory information, but the full update is currently reported to be coming next week, on Tuesday, January 18.