Fortnite has not received a full update since the start of the new season. When will this change?

More than a month has passed since the start of the new season and the chapter.

This is probably the first time in history where there was no major update a month after the start of the season. Of course, it was for the sake of smaller updates, the Winterfest, and the whole holiday season in general.

In fact, we’ve had some updates so far:

  • 19.00 – introducing a new chapter
  • 19.01 – adding the Winterfest
  • Hotfix 19.01 – adding a new item

There were new cosmetic items, new mechanics, and even the map changed along the way.

But still, these weren’t full updates

However, it may be felt that relatively little is happening in Fortnite. In fact, it’s similar to last year, when in late December and early January only suggestions of changes began to appear. Today, even these do not exist.

When will this change? Fortunately, soon. According to all signs, the ‘prophecies’ of leakers, the new update marked 19.10 will be added on January 11, that is, on Tuesday.

Is there anything to wait for? Definitely. It may be one of the most interesting updates, as there are a lot of news to be activated:

  • New cosmetic items
  • New in-game items
  • Returns of spots/The appearance of new ones
  • Weather system
  • Tornadoes
  • And many others.

Now, all we have to do is be patient and wait until January 11 with no major news. On Monday evening, Epic should already start announcing the upcoming update.