The snow in Fortnite has officially started to melt. From now on there will be less and less of it

Today the snow has officially started to melt. However, it will not be too fast a process.

In many places of the world, winter has not even started, and in Fortnite, it is disappearing. Today the map has entered its second phase, which means that there is much less snow. You don’t have to be extremely perceptive to see the changes.

When will the snow completely disappear? It will take several weeks. According to leakers, there will be 9 different phases in total, we are currently in the 2nd.

How much snow is gone?

The changes are well shown by a quick comparison of a few hours ago and now. There is definitely less snow on the whole island – it looks like some have just been taken away.

The whole process will be quite long. All phases are as follows:

It is worth mentioning that snow melting means more changes to the map than just no white layer. The Tilted Towers will be unveiled and the dinosaurs will wake up. It can be said that the fun is only now beginning.