Fortnite players can now claim a free pickaxe as part of the 15th Wintefest gift

You don’t really have to wait, players are already getting free pickaxes.

As a reminder, Epic is now giving away free pickaxes as part of the 15th Winter Festival Gift. This, of course, has to do with technical problems that Epic has decided to compensate players in some way.

The only requirement for receiving the pickaxe was logging into the game during the Winter Festival. If you did, today you have either already received the pickaxe or you will get it soon.

Pickaxe awarded in waves

It is known that some players have already received a pickaxe, others are still waiting. There’s no need to stress because Epic probably adds a pickaxe to players’ accounts in waves. What do you have to do to get it? Just log in.

There is no need to open any gifts, complete challenges or do anything else. Immediately after logging in, you will see the following:

In theory, the pickaxe should be awarded at the end of the day, but already a lot of players are reporting that the pickaxe has appeared on their accounts.