It’s hard to believe that Fortnite players only reached these levels after a month

Several dozen hours ago, another level barrier broke. Who currently has the highest level in Fortnite?

A month has actually passed since the start of the 1st season, which makes up 30% of S1. There are still 76 days to go, and some players not only got through the entire Battle Pass but are already aiming for level 1000. Part of this is due to the tricks, exploitation of bugs, and part to the regular game.

There are still many ways to earn XP fast in Fortnite. Practically every day, players find some new bugs that Epic then patches.

As in that season, there are also people who focused almost only on leveling.

Who has the highest level?

30% of the season has passed. If a player with the nickname “YTRAGESREVENGE” keeps the pace, he has a chance to reach even level 1500. At this point, he is probably at the highest level.

Yes, this is level 610 and it was achieved in just a month. The player doesn’t comment on how he did it, but he was also leveling very quickly last season, leaving everyone behind.