Free pickaxe for all Fortnite players. Anyone who didn’t believe will feel stupid

As reported a few days ago, all players receive a pickaxe gift.

Many people doubted the information about the 15th gift. And yet what we pointed out was confirmed. It was not about a message about the usual bug with displaying an additional gift, but simply introducing it into the game.

Therefore, officially, players will get increased XP from January 7, and the community also receives the Crescent Shroom Pickaxe. You don’t need to complete any challenges to get one, just log in to Fortnite during the Winter Festival.

What kind of pickaxe is this?

The pickaxe is important as it confirms the appearance of “Madcap”, the legendary Mushroom skin, which many people are waiting for.

It is not yet known when Madcap will enter the game. It has potentially been ready for several months.