Voting in Fortnite complete. One of the weapons will officially be back in the game in a few hours

In Fortnite, the voting has now ended for players to decide which item to restore.

There was a very important vote in Fortnite between the Discobomb and the Combat Shotgun. The community has made a decision and in a few hours, one of these will officially be found in the game.

Contrary to the opinions of leakers, YouTubers, and streamers, players decided to bring the combat shotgun back to the game, despite its nerf. It was not even a tied vote, the shotgun option was obviously winning.

The Combat Shotgun will return to Fortnite

Recall that Discobombs were very important because of mechs. They are the perfect counter against them, which was pointed out by the community. Nevertheless, most opted for the shotgun – weakened and considered relatively weak.

It is very possible that the shotgun will be buffed. It is worth mentioning that it was upgraded in one of the temporary modes and probably its values are now:

72/75/78 damage

The last version looked like this:

57/60/63 damage

The question is which version will Epic choose. If the weaker one, the players will almost immediately regret their choice.