Abstractly high level in Fortnite Season 8. This is what playing only for XP looks like

At the moment, what is the level of people who devoted their entire game in Fortnite season 8 only to getting XP?

Some Fortnite players just want to have fun, others target different challenges. One of them is to achieve the highest possible level. It looks like players will be able to break the magic level 1000 barrier this season.

Compared to all the others, one person stands out, who from time to time publishes his ways to get XP. Previously, they were basically just playing the “Impostors” mode.

What is the highest level currently?

Now leveling is about flying to specific locations and completing the challenges given by the NPCs one after another. Thanks to these methods, one of the players has already reached level 950.

The player reaches 100 levels in about a week. At this rate, he will easily reach level 1000. Unofficially, it is said that Epic has prepared something for this occasion, but it is not confirmed.