Will Season 8 be the last in this Fortnite chapter? The theory makes sense, but there’s one big problem

Leakers started to hype the community towards the theory that this season might be the last of Chapter 2.

There was a similar theory before, but it did not turn out to be true in the end. This time it will be similar. Leakers are further reporting that Epic has updated the blackhole files, which in theory comes together with other Fortnite elements.

That is why there has been talk on the web that season 8 may be the last in this chapter. There is a big problem with this theory, however.

Season 8 as the last one in this chapter

There are many different signs in the game at this point that Fortnite is moving towards destroying reality. Total annihilation, time running out, mechs, black hole files restoration.

And although it all makes sense, there is still information about the 9th season in the game itself. It seems unlikely that Epic will just forget some of the things that would have mentioned it at the moment if it was not to be.

And while leakers, including HYPEX, point out that this may be the last season of this chapter, there aren’t any major signs of it at the moment, other than in-game guidelines. These, however, may concern the destruction of the island, or possibly another event.

All this will be clear in the following weeks, since there is only less than half of the current season left.