According to leaks, Spiderman in Fortnite may be an exclusive skin only for this platform

If the leaks are confirmed, Spiderman will actually enter Fortnite, but will only be available on one platform.

There have been leaks online for season 9 for some time. This is when the Spiderman skin would appear. It would not be too much of a surprise, because even in the files and in previous seasons there were many references to this character.

The problem is that, according to unconfirmed information, Spiderman and his cosmetic items can only be purchased on one platform, of course, related to Sony.

Spiderman only on one platform?

One of the leak points for season 9 says Sony is talking with Epic about the possibility of adding a crossover with Spiderman.

Of course, as of today, there is no way that this can be certain. It is also not known if the leak itself is real. But, if even one thing is confirmed, it will be more likely that everything was true.

There is no information about Spiderman in season 9 yet, at least in the game files. Officially, Epic is also silent. Playstation does not give any hints, and it is not known for mishaps. At the moment, these are only external leaks, not coming directly from Fortnite.