The map in Fortnite may be destroyed again. Words in the Queen’s Music Pack

It looks like the island is under threat again. This time the damage would be done by the queen.

Everyone thought that the queen was just one of the NPCs, being part of the world that would ultimately not matter much. And yet Epic explicitly says that the queen rules reality and all Fortnite is “her representation” and belongs to her.

What’s more, there are words in the music pack indicating that the whole reality is at risk. The Queen is to be close to her greatest reward.


Will the island be destroyed again?

Gamers listened to the queen’s music pack. It quickly turned out to be more than just a song:

Reality is to be the queen’s greatest reward and, as she says herself, is very close to achieving her goal. According to the theory of the players, this clearly indicates that the queen wants to take over everything that the players have known so far and simply destroy it.

This thread may continue for several more seasons. Rather certain that a new map will appear with the third chapter, perhaps this is an introduction to what will happen in a few months.