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Priceless xQc reaction to Fortnite skin. This is why parents asked to “polite” the skins a bit

A few months ago it was loud about the request of parents who wanted to somehow polite the skins from Fortnite. Why?

Some skins in Fortnite can surprise in many respects. Not only when it comes to the number of details or refinement, but also even shapes. And because there is a general belief on the web that Epic’s production is aimed at younger people, sometimes it causes many complications.

Computer games have struggled with this for many years. For example, once Blizzard had to completely change one of the winning streaks of Tracer (Overwatch character) because it exposed the back of the body too much.

Now Fortnite has a similar problem

Some time ago, parents raised the topic that some skins in Fortnite show too much. The topic never got through, but it was revived thanks to xQc. One of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world reacted quite funny to one of the skins:


Of course, it is doubtful that Epic will change anything under the influence of the general opinion of players, but also people from outside the Fortnite environment.

Of course, some skins are more controversial than others. They are also probably more popular in general since developers are constantly creating them.