How to get a goat skin in Fortnite for free? It is possible, but it does not apply to everyone

Epic has partnered with “Goat Simulator,” bringing a goat skin to Fortnite.

For the past several hours, the world of Fortnite has been very much devoted to the new skin, which was created in cooperation between Fortnite and Goat Simulator. Currently, many people are already playing with this skin, although in theory, it is still unavailable.

How is it possible? There is an option to get this skin for free, but it applies only to people with a large community, i.e. content creators who have a partnership with Epic. These people got the skin earlier and at no charge.

What about the rest of the players?

If you are an average player, you can unlock the skins by pre-ordering Goat Simulator 3.

Then you will receive the skin “for free”. Of course, before that you have to pay the whole price for the game. So the skin is another cosmetic item that streamers and YouTubers get for free, and everyone else has to purchase it in a way. The fact is, if you were going to buy Goat Simulator 3, then the skin is in a way free for you.

Is it worth it? Skin in the first hours was quite unique, now the awareness of its existence has increased and it is no longer anything amazing.