The 4 most used skins this season of Fortnite. Number one quickly became the most popular

From the analyzed replays, players were able to find four skins, which are currently the most used in Fortnite.

As always, this type of information must be approached with a pinch of salt. It is known that no one is able to analyze all Fortnite matches. Well, maybe except for Epic itself, but the developers have never shared and have no reason to share information about the popularity of skins.

The players did it themselves, but of course, you have to take the correction that the data is not necessarily 100% true. In any case, the list shows the four most popular skins at the moment.

TOP 4 Fortnite skins

According to the list, Goku is number one – you have to admit that he reached the top quite quickly, after all, it is a new skin, and it has already surpassed all the others.

  • 1 – Son Goku
  • 2 – Snap
  • 3 – Stormfarmer
  • 4 – Spider-Man

If you want to stand out, these skins are not recommended. However, if you want to blend in with the rest, then you should definitely use these.