Why is this Fortnite vote the most important one ever? The result will have a big impact on the game

At this point, Fortnite players can vote for one of the two items. According to the community, this seemingly insignificant vote is the most important one that has ever been.

This season of Fortnite, players can vote periodically on which items to return to active service. This time it’s a choice between the Discobombs and the Combat Shotgun. Theoretically, this is nothing important.

Only theoretically, because, due to the upcoming changes to Fortnite, this may be a key vote that will shape the future of the game. It sounds serious and, according to the community, it is.

Why is it so important?

The case is relatively simple. Mechs will return to Fortnite soon. Weakened, but still mechs. Most are well aware that the Discobombs are the best counter to them. Many players, leakers, YouTubers and streamers talk about it.

Although it is not really known yet whether the mechs themselves will be included in a regular Battle Royale and for how long. In favor of the Discobomb speaks the fact that the Combat Shotgun has been so weakened that it is practically useless.

It is not known whether players will listen and whether they will also vote for Discobombs. Regardless of the results, it can indeed be a very important vote.