Major changes to this place in Fortnite are almost certain. It is to have different phases, until finally…

There is no greater doubt that one of the spots will undergo additional changes.

Earlier reports confirm that the central part of the island will continue to change. Leakers managed to establish that the cubes should have different phases. It just means that their location will grow.

However, this is not the end, the pyramid is actually to appear there. It is difficult to say what this means. Rather, it’s not about a complete biome change.

Changes to the central part of the map

Leakers inform that the entire site of the cubes is to be enlarged. At the moment there are two phases in the files, but it is already known that this is not all.

One of the Queen’s challenges is to visit the pyramid. You receive a special banner for this. This fits perfectly with previous leaks talking about the pyramid.

So now we only have to wait for the upcoming changes. It is not known what this pyramid should look like, but according to unconfirmed theories, it will have the colors and ambiance of the cubes.