The CSGO player left the palace on Mirage and thought he was floating in the air. But a surprise was awaiting him

The CS: GO player experienced a huge surprise. At first, it might just seem like a bug.

There have been occasions when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have suffered a bug that has resulted in their camera being far above the character.

On the one hand, it made it impossible to shoot efficiently, on the other hand, it gave an advantage over the opponents because it was easier to detect their positions. That’s how the player who jumped from palace and yet did not fall to the ground could have felt like.

What really happened?

The video below explains everything, in which you can see the player slowly leaving the palace to go to bombsite A. Even though he had already jumped off the wood – he was still above the ground. It took the player a moment to understand what was really going on. He looked down and there was a surprise waiting for him:


Such situations are really rare, and at the same time they are very comical, especially when the rivals looked at each other at the same time. Either way, the player scored a very simple frag.

The clip with the whole situation has gained immense popularity on Reddit, which can be seen even after the rating of the entry, which is 12,000 plus.