There’s definitely a new mode coming to CSGO. Valve posted a “trailer” and removed it

Valve makes some very strange moves, but it’s hardly surprising. This is probably a way of getting players’ attention.

For several days now, the CS: GO community has been very excited about a potential new operation, the main element of which is to be a new game mode. New for official servers, but most players have known it for years.

Leakers were able to extract information some time ago that Valve is testing something, all suspicions fell on the game mode, more specifically “Surf”. The only thing that was missing was the confirmation from the developers and it appeared literally a few hours ago.

Surf will be the next mode to officially hit CS: GO?

Porting community modes to CS: GO is nothing new. This is exactly what happened with “Wingman” or “Retakes”. Now we will probably see the “Surf” mode. This was shown by the conversation of the Youtuber “ohnepixel” with people who track all the changes that appear in files or CS servers.


Meanwhile, a few hours ago, Valve posted… wave emoji on the official CS: GO profile. There is no doubt that it was supposed to be some kind of announcement. Interestingly, however, the entry has been removed.

It is not known why, maybe it was published too soon, or maybe Valve planned to trigger a discussion in this way? At this point, anything is possible.

However, you can suspect that this is not an ordinary troll, and indeed there is something to it. The official profile likes to joke, but probably not like that – literally everyone at this point is convinced that the game will have a new surfing mode.