After many years, Zeus skins are finally coming to Counter Strike

A new Counter Strike 2 update indicates that Zeus will finally get his first skins.

The release of the latest Counter-Strike installment is just around the corner. Valve has made sure that CS 2 is not just a port of the previous game in the well-known series to a new engine, but something more, adding quite a few new features there. We are talking, among other things, about a completely new buying interface or smoke physics.

Enthusiasts who were interested in CS skins didn’t have any news that interested them. Now, however, information has emerged that suggested that Zeus will receive cosmetic elements more than 10 years after being added to the series.

What does the new update include?

In information about the June 16 CS 2 update, it was revealed that Valve is adding Zeus to the list of weapons for which players can release content to the workshop.

In an update, Valve added at the bottom of various fixes that Zeus x27, a stun gun made famous in the Counter-Strike series, will be added to the list of weapons highlighted in the Steam workshop. Despite the release of other patches, this one has definitely attracted the most attention from the community. In the comments, there was a response from a user nicknamed DchozN, who shared a compilation of kills he managed to get with the weapon in question.


Zeus is being given the opportunity to have a skin for the first time since its appearance with the release of CS: GO in 2012. Despite massive amounts of concept artwork from the community, Valve has never officially released any skins for the weapon.

Perhaps this is because the weapon doesn’t get much attention and is often overlooked. The stun gun is a single-shot weapon, but it is only useful at close range. Most players, even in such a situation, would prefer to simply use a rifle or pistol.