More players get access to Counter Strike 2

How many new people got access to CS 2? A survey conducted by a popular stats site.

The moment of the announcement of Counter Strike 2 on Valve’s revamped engine caused quite a stir indeed. Both the visual effects and the changes that were to affect gameplay appealed to gamers, who were looking forward to the moment when they could play the new installment of CS on their computers.

However, access was granted to a relatively small group of players, who quickly became bored with the gameplay due to the long wait times for matches and the low frequency of new features, such as new maps. Fans wondered when Valve would finally decide to start giving Counter Strike 2 away to more players, and statistics published by one site indicate that time may be approaching.

CS 2 gets into the hands of more players

The Leetify portal, which tracks statistics and achievements associated with Counter-Strike, reports new data. It turns out that the number of users with access to the latest installment in the series has increased.

The increase in users from 3% to 4% may not seem impressive, however, one must keep in mind that the sample was relatively small compared to how many players play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Of the 290,000 players, just less than 3,000 could find Counter Strike 2 in their library recently.

Considering that nearly 1.5 million fans launched CS:GO in the last 24 hours, it can be assumed that about 15,000 people got access to CS 2. What’s important for many fans is that Valve is giving away access to the next installment of one of the most popular FPSs ever created.