Confirmed. More people got access to Counter-Strike 2 – who this time?

It is known that Valve has sent out another wave of invitations to the Counter-Strike 2 beta.

There is confirmation that Valve has taken pity. Many people are writing to say that they got access to the Counter-Strike 2 closed beta, but there’s a catch. It’s about a specific group of players, not completely random people. And that’s a shame.

It seems that Valve does not intend to allow a significant, perceptible number of people into the beta. Probably, there will be no open beta at all, and CS2 will go straight from closed testing to release.

Who got access?

According to what the players themselves write, access was given to those who create skins. Unfortunately, this is a rather limited number of people, although it is better than nothing.

Such a decision makes sense. People making skins can see how it all looks. On the other hand, Valve could have allowed even a small number of random people or those who have really been playing for a long time. At the moment, unfortunately, only a select few have access, and that probably won’t change.