Overhauls in Counter-Strike 2. It’s the end of the wheel, new system allows weapons to be returned

Valve last night rolled out a new update that adds very significant changes.

Among all the not-so-important changes, there were two very important ones. First, players will gain the ability to return mistakenly purchased items, including weapons. This works in a simple way.

During the game, you bought the wrong weapon or item you didn’t want? The new equipment and inventory system will allow you to return it with your funds. Valve has even managed to demonstrate it:


That is, the wheel has been completely discarded. In the menu, we will see the purchases of other team members. Weapon stats are also gone, replaced by descriptions.

What’s next?

In addition, the whole system has been changed, allowing us to choose up to 15 different weapons we will want to buy. Everyone got one starting slot for a pistol, four slots for pistols, five slots for mid-tier weapons, and five slots for rifles.


These changes are sure to affect Counter Strike 2 in a big way. Unfortunately, the pool of players who have access to the beta is still unchanged. Only people who got access in the first wave can play.

Valve is silent on access for more players, so one can only guess that the developers are already waiting more for the release, and not for the next stage of the beta.