Deagle gets a huge buff in Counter-Strike 2. CSGO players will immediately sense the difference

Now the question is whether Valve did this on purpose or if it is some kind of mistake on their side.

Valve has explicitly strengthened one of the weapons in Counter-Strike 2. Players are discussing among themselves whether this is definitely some kind of mistake. So far it seems to be an intentional, albeit very big change, obviously for the better.

The Deagle is much more accurate and has a much smaller spread. If Valve leaves it that way, many people will start betting heavily on this weapon.

Deagle gets a buff in Counter-Strike 2.

You can really see the difference right away. The smaller bullet spread looks a bit like an internal bug, but Valve hasn’t done anything about it for a few weeks, so this is potentially the buff with which Counter-Strike 2 will premiere.


If you are maining this weapon, you will come out ahead in CS2. It’s worth practicing a few rounds with the Deagle if the weapon is to gain such a big buff.

Now we have to wait. Some will be happy if Valve leaves it at that, others may break down.