What did the early 2011 version of CS:GO look like? Counter Strike would have been a completely different game

This is what the early concepts that were published online looked like.

The latest CS: GO 2 was put into the hands of some gamers, which only shows how old the already further popular Counter Strike Global Offensive is. Everyone interested in the production from the Valve studio associates it with its current appearance.

However, what might CS: GO have looked like? This was shown by one user, who shared screenshots from early versions of this production.

An early look at CS:GO

Screenshots have surfaced online that show CS: GO in the early stages of production. Both interface elements and gameplay snippets are visible, showing a look at maps, among other things. You can also see cosmetic elements, which were originally intended to be hats and other clothing items.

The interfaces of the store or those visible during gameplay are also interesting.

The graphical style was definitely more reminiscent of previous Counter-Strike installments than CS:GO, which eventually saw the light of day. The menu for starting gameplay was also not reminiscent of what players eventually received.

The author of the post said that he managed to find the graphics on the Valve Archive website, which stores content related to the productions of the studio responsible for Counter-Strike. It’s hard to imagine CS: GO without its current distinctive look, which could be quite different if the concepts seen in the above graphics were eventually transformed into the final product.