This is what happens to chickens in Counter Strike 2 after you set them on fire

Chickens in Counter Strike 2 have received a rather peculiar update. It doesn’t affect gameplay in any particular way but is certainly an interesting addition.

Chickens are a permanent feature of CS: GO, and of course, nothing will change in Counter Strike 2 in this regard. The developers thought it would be cool for them to introduce some new features, and so they did. In the latest CS2 update, a special effect has been added.

Chickens now have two forms. One is the normal one that everyone is familiar with and another one appears after they are burned. This is, of course, just a curiosity, as it cannot be used in gameplay.

What happens to chickens after setting them on fire?

Chickens, after setting them on fire, change their form into a baked form. A small thing, and it pleases and entertains. Players just hope that there won’t be some strange bugs with this, after all, we are talking about Valve here, where anything is possible.


A nice addition, although players comment that Valve could get on with some serious business, rather than spending its already severely limited time doing this kind of thing. On the other hand, after all, it’s not something that takes a few weeks. It was probably prepared for some update and just lived to see the final introduction to the game.