Panic in the CSGO world. Bans imposed on large accounts with over $ 200,000 in equipment

We recently wrote about the changes to the regulations, and it looks like it wasn’t just a scare.

Valve recently changed its terms of service, which explicitly talked about banned third-party activity. Just a few days later, there is very strange news that Valve has banned more than a dozen different, very large trader accounts.

These accounts had equipment worth several hundred thousand dollars, so there is no joke here. Valve, of course, is not responding on the matter, so there are no specifics. The facts are that several very strong accounts and a few average ones were banned.

Bans on very large accounts

Now the question is whether it is an absolute coincidence that a dozen or so accounts have said goodbye to the Steam platform or whether something is actually up.

Here we are talking about accounts that worked quietly for up to 9 years. And just like that, something suddenly changed. This particular account had items worth about $200,000.

Two other accounts were even bigger. One contained skins worth $185,000, the other $250,000.

The situation is very strange and it is possible that it is the beginning of something bigger. On the other hand, there is little evidence of this other than the mere banning of accounts.