There is a bug on Mirage in CSGO that cost the player’s life during the tournament

There has been a bug in CS: GO for many years, and it also shows up in the professional scene.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a title with professional competitions and tournaments. Players fight primarily for money, so it is obvious that the game should be free from major errors that could in any way prevent normal gameplay. There is, however, a glitch that emerged during Na`Vi’s recent encounter with the Heroic. What is it all about?

Valve should have addressed this bug a few years ago

Mirage is a relatively old map that has existed in Global Offensive almost since its creation. Nevertheless, there are some bugs on the map that have not yet been fixed by the developers. It would not be such a significant problem, if not for the fact that these bugs really affect the gameplay and it also takes place on a professional level.

We are talking about a glitch that allows you to eliminate a CT player on the BS while being on the stairs. This way, the player cannot see the opponent eliminating him, which is unfair. Below you can look at the whole problem.


Developers should finally deal with this problem and fix it once and for all. Due to the fact that this one has been around for many years, it is possible that Valve will finally decide to rework the entire Mirage.