The balance of each map in CSGO. Which of them favors the CTs and TTs the most?

Most of the maps in CS: GO are really well-balanced, although some locations favor one side.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a lot of flaws, but it cannot be accused of having poorly balanced maps. Most of them are thought through very well, although it’s not a total of 50/50.

Additionally, some battlefields have weak spots in this regard, and in some locations, they favor one side over the other.

What is the situation of map balance in CS: GO?


For 2022, Ancient is by far the most biased map for the CT site. It has narrow passages in which players of the defending team can easily hide and thus surprise their opponents.

Interestingly, according to HLTV, anti-terrorists have a 54% greater chance of winning, which is as much as 7% more than the best-balanced Inferno.


Nuke’s situation is very similar to that of Ancient. The map has similar design features, so the CT has an advantage on the same principle. In addition, it has dangerous passages that terrorists must pass through in order to attack the bombsite.


In the case of Overpass, the terrorist team may have some problems as the map is not perfectly balanced and favors CT. This one is relatively better balanced than Ancient or Nuke, but still leaves a bit to be desired.

The fact that it is double-stored speaks in favor of anti-terrorists who can move quickly between BSs whenever the need arises. Therefore, attacks have to be quick and effective as reinforcements of the defending team can arrive really quickly.


Mirage is one of the most balanced maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As for single locations, BS A is easier to attack. On B, anti-terrorists have more control as this area is more closed for the attacking team, which have to squeeze through apartments or deal with mid to enter from a short.


Many players avoid Vertigo because it is still a relatively new map, but it appears quite often in professional games. It’s a map that allows terrorists to surprise their rivals in multiple locations, thus favoring the attacking team. In addition, the small size of the map allows for many duels, in which the most important thing is the ability to shoot and, of course, weapons.

With good tactics, terrorists have an advantage. Very often, a good plan and a few effective grenades are enough to take over a bombsite and plant the bomb.

Dust 2

Structurally, Dust 2 is quite an old map, even despite minor modifications that have been introduced by Valve in recent years. As such, it favors the terrorist side quite heavily, who have a whole host of possibilities to attack.

The attacking team can set the plan for the round based on their inventory because the possibilities are many. For example, it is worth going for a long one, when you have a sniper rifle in your team. In the case of PMs, it is good to think about the upper and lower tunnels. In addition, there are few effective hiding places on BS B, although the attack on it is not simple due to the tunnel leading to this location.


Inferno is the best-balanced map in CS: GO, but of course, it’s not perfect. With so many passages to BS A, terrorists have a good chance of dealing with their opponents. According to the win rate, the attacking side has a 53% chance of winning.

An interesting fact is that Train was a map that favored the counter-terrorist team and if Valve had not taken it out of the pool it would have been the third most biased map.