Why should you think about what you do in CSGO? So that there would be no such unfortunate situations

A member of the CS: GO community showed the situation from one of his matches. This is a great lesson for everyone.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members showed a video on Reddit showing an incident from his match.

The player makes a so-called ninja defuse, which means simply throwing a smoke grenade and disarming the explosive. At the same time, his rivals literally went crazy, and there is a lesson to be learned from.

Perhaps it was enough to play it cool

As you can see in the clip below – when the counter-terrorist starts disarming the C4, the TT players literally go berserk. In a 1 vs 3 situation, they had an almost 100% chance of winning the round, but they eventually lost it. What did they do wrong?


First of all, 2 players went too far from the bombsite to search for the last frag and left C4 alone. This gave the CT player the perfect chance to disarm a bomb.

The second mistake was mainly the terrorists’ lack of thinking. One of the people on the attacking side who was closest to BS began to act immediately. Had he been allowed to do so, it might have been a different round, but another TT who was in amok simply took him out.

It is worth analyzing such situations and drawing conclusions from the mistakes of others. It is also worth taking into account your advancement in the game, because for players on the highest ranks, it may be a novice’s mistake, although sometimes it happens even at the Global’s level.